Companion Memorial


K- Kevin & Terese Kelley

Grey granite companion monument with a cross and flowers in the top left corner


H- Joe & Doris Hillix

Black granite monument featuring an angel at the top of the monument.


G- Earl & Myrna Gibson Back

Red granite memorial shaped in a unique way for the Gibson's


G- Earl & Myrna Gibson Front

Red granite monument shaped in a unique way for the gibson family

K - Patrick & Carmen Kelley

K - Patrick & Carmen Kelley

This memorial is made with grey and black granite. It has a rough cut grey granite base with polished black granite uprights and features a grey granite Celtic style cross in the middle and grey granite vases on the ends.

Lantz memorial

L- Clifford & Ramona Lantz

Grey granite companion memorial for Clifford and Ramona Lantz

fred and gay young

Y- Fred & Gay Young

This red granite bench memorial was made in remembrance of Fred and Gay Young. The bench features two humming birds on the seat and a quote from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

William & Mary Henderson Companion Memorial

H- William & Mary Henderson

Black granite companions memorial for William and Mary Henderson

Gary & Dixie Kellogg Companion Memorial

K- Gary & Dixie Kellogg

Red granite companion memorial with a bronze veteran symbol on the left side and a black granite rectangle in the center dividing the two.

James & Bobbye Hill Bench Cremation Memorial

H- James & Bobbye Hill

Black granite companion marker roughly cut, also built with a grey granite bench on the side.


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