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Townsend Saunders - National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Townsend Saunders - National Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019

Rich Lorenzo - National Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019

Rich Lorenzo - National Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019

Carl Adams - National Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019

Carl Adams - National Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019

Brandon Paulson - National Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019

Brandon Paulson - National Wrestling Hall of Fame 2019

Hideaway Pizza Stillwater Monument

Hideaway Pizza Monument

We are glad to have been chosen to create this monument to that is located in front of the Hideaway Pizza in Stillwater, OK.

Honey Springs Civil War Memorial

1st Regiment Kansas Colored Volunteers

On July 17, 1963, at the Battle of honey Springs, the 1st Kansas Colored volunteers wrote a stirring page in American History, becoming one of the first black units of the Civil War to play a key role in a Union victory. As Major General James G Blunt, the Union Commander at Honey Springs, reported "the first Kansas (colored) particularly distinguished itself; they fought like Veterans, and preserved their line unbroken throughout the engagement.

Honey Springs Civil War Memorial

Five Civilized Tribes at the Battle of Honey Springs

On July 17, 1863, two armies clashed at the climactic Battle Of Honey Springs. The battle was fought on Indian land for Indian Territory and with the sacrifice of much Indian blood. One one side was a Federal Army of approximately 3000 men; facing them was 5000 Confederates. Although confronted by superior numbers, the Federal Forces had a clear advantage in artillery, rifles and supplies. The Confederate Forces had poor ammunition and few artillery pieces. When the smoke had cleared the Federal Forces held the field.

Missouri, Oklahoma entrance sign

Oklahoma sign - Missouri

Here the oklahoma entrance sign going to and from Missouri!

Jenks Veterans Memorial

Jenks Veteran Memorial

This Veterans Memorial is located in Veterans Park at Jenks, Oklahoma. This park is a very beautiful setting for a memorial. The memorial is made from gray granite and features an American Flag draped over the top of this obelisk style monument. There is an American flag and an Oklahoma flag located on either side of the monument. The front of the memorial reads "Dedicated to all those who have served". The inscription on the back reads "For those who have fought for it, peace has a meaning the protected will never know- author unknown".

Bruce Heilman on Motorcycle

World War II Veteran to celebrate 90th birthday with 6,000-mile cross-country motorcycle ride

Dr. E. Bruce Heilman, a veteran of the Battle of Okinawa, is celebrating his 90th birthday this year by embarking on a 6,000-mile motorcycle ride across America. Dr. Heilman will be visiting 3 of the Veterans Memorials created by Willis Granite Products while on his journey. On May 3, 2016 he will be in Oklahoma City at the USS Oklahoma Memorial located across from the Oklahoma State Capitol & the USS Oklahoma Anchor Memorial located in Campbell Park in Oklahoma City. On May 4, 2016 he will be visiting the Texas Panhandle War Memorial located in Amarillo, TX. Most of the design and granite work for these 3 Veterans Memorials were created by Willis Granite Products in Granite, OK. We are proud to be a small part in the journey of Mr Heilman as he rides across America to raise awareness for the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.


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