A Big Thank You to Meagan Bilyeu -- Janith J. Byers


I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Meagan Bilyeu. My mother, Janith Byers, passed away last November. I Knew the time would come that I would have to deal with making decisions on certain things for he. When I walked into Willis in Stillwater I was greeted by Meagan. She was very sincere and listened to my thoughts. Once we had a plan in place she sent me the drawing, I made a few changes and she sent them back to me in a timely manner. Meagan has gone out of her way to keep me updated on when they were going out to place the stone and make repairs to my great grandparents stone already in place. And once it was all done she made another trip to Fairlawn Cemetery in Stillwater, took pictures and emailed them to me. Meagan is an angel and has chosen the right career path.

I know that we often hear bad things that happen with employees. I wanted to take the time to share good things that Meagan has done.

Thank you,

Jill Richards
PO Box 123
South Haven, Kansas 67140

Review Author: 

Hailey York

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